Thinking of Selling?

Watch this First!

  • Your house must be Priced Right
  • Your house must be free of negative challenges that will turn off a Buyer to consider buying your property. The Exterior and Interior must be presented in the best light so that you can realize its full value. 

  • You must know the potential challenges of Selling
How I can help you as a Realtor®.
Here are the Facts: 

I understand the relationship between home sellers and Agents must be based on trust, mutual goals and understanding - this is why I always keep your interests first and foremost.

Don’t do anything until you have attended my free one on one Home Sellers Seminar This seminar will explain the complete Home Selling Process.

Here are just some of the topics that we will discuss:

I will share with you my Proven Marketing program that will bring you the most number of potential qualified Buyers to your property.

What is your home really worth? I will offer you a complete Comparative Market Evaluation to insure that you see what the minimum and maximum value that you could obtain for your Real Estate investment.

There are countless questions when it comes to selling a house, I have ALL of the answers. (if I don’t know, I will do the research to obtain the answer)

Some things to consider when Selling:

  • Is it worth updating the kitchen or bathroom before we list the house?
  • Is Staging the house worthwhile?
  • The windows are pretty old- is that a problem?
  • Do I have to include all of the fixtures?
  • Can we change the closing date?
  • Should I accept a low bid- or wait for a better offer?
  • We have had a flood in the basement years ago. Must this be disclosed?

I will do what is necessary in order for you to achieve the best possible outcome for all of your questions and concerns.

I will show you all of the steps that I will take in order for you to have your house sell with the least amount of stress, obtain the best market value for you and have some fun too.